Alley Loop Nordic Marathon

2019-02-02 • 42K Classic

26 Participants • 10 Women • 16 Men

Average Time: 03:29:47
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. Place14k28kFinish
24Cully Brown Overall Male11102:31:2602:31:26.0
17Andy Richmond Overall Male22202:32:1102:32:10.2
27Duncan Koehn Overall Male33302:38:0002:37:59.7
1Philip RogersMale 50-5944102:38:3702:38:36.5
20Ryan RogersMale 30-3955102:44:0802:44:07.6
4Daniel VardamisMale 40-4966102:59:3702:59:36.2
21Pete MayMale 50-5977203:11:0503:11:04.1
15Jay HuntMale 30-3988203:18:2503:18:24.3
18Jon McClurgMale 60-6999103:20:2703:20:26.9
25letitia fickling Overall Female101103:27:2703:27:26.8
23Avra Saslow Overall Female112203:29:1703:29:16.5
22Maggie Wigton Overall Female123303:29:1703:29:16.6
10Tom LawnMale 60-691310203:30:1303:30:13.0
2Kelly RogersFemale 50-59144103:30:2003:30:19.2
6John PougialesMale 50-591511303:31:5603:31:55.7
14Bart SpeddenMale 40-491612203:41:2203:41:21.6
19Paula EngelFemale 50-59175203:57:1803:57:17.3
12David EnsignMale 50-591813404:04:5104:04:51.0
8Jennifer ReadFemale 40-49196104:12:2004:12:19.2
16Lauren EchevarriaFemale 20-29207104:14:5804:14:58.0
11Gwyn GrierFemale 30-39218104:26:1004:26:09.8
9ALYSON MCGINTYFemale 40-49229204:26:1004:26:09.9
13Trent McDonaldMale 50-592314504:29:2504:29:24.6
3Marcha JohnsonFemale 60-69
5Erik SummersideMale 30-39
7Andre WilleMale 50-59

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