Alley Loop Nordic Marathon

2019-02-02 • 1K Kids Race

38 Participants • 16 Women • 22 Men

Average Time: 00:11:26
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
935Colby West Overall Male11100:03:23.7
943Isaac Arell Overall Male22200:03:35.6
960Topher Horning Overall Male33300:04:05.4
931Dylan BoscarlMale 8-114
932Quinn Loomis Overall Female51100:05:04.1
947David CoopMale 1-764100:05:59.9
968Birke Lafoe Overall Female72200:06:11.5
950Gabe LarsonMale 1-785200:06:49.3
948Oliver van TielMale 12-1496100:06:57.7
954Hatcher KRUTHAUPTMale 1-7107300:07:08.2
952Adrian HanacekMale 8-11118100:07:08.4
934Barb Mattson Overall Female123300:07:19.9
966Kayo EhlersMale 1-7139400:08:14.2
937Maddy TilleFemale 8-11144100:08:26.5
962Ira DruckerMale 1-71510500:09:20.4
961Allison DruckerFemale No Awards165100:09:21.1
936Kate TilleFemale No Awards176200:09:29.9
945Caden BakerMale 1-71811600:09:38.6
938Josie TilleFemale 1-7197100:09:45.2
965Dan TilleMale No Awards2012100:09:47.0
933Axel LoomisMale 1-72113700:10:20.2
967Galena LindseyFemale 1-7228200:17:25.9
958Daniel LindsethMale 1-72315800:18:17.2
956Kristi BezlerFemale No Awards249300:18:51.4
955Wyatt BezlerMale 1-72516900:18:51.9
944Adelaide CadenheadFemale 1-72610300:19:01.8
964Cassia CadenheadFemale No Awards2711400:19:01.8
951Simi LarsonMale 1-728171000:27:25.6
957Ingrid LindsethFemale 1-72912400:33:02.8
939Fergus ThomasMale No Awards
940Catie ThomasFemale No Awards
941Ellie ThomasFemale 8-11
942Emilia ThomasFemale 1-7
946Sue WallaceFemale No Awards
949Patrick WallaceMale No Awards
953Bradley BangtsonMale 1-7
959Rick MurrayMale No Awards
963Mark DruckerMale No Awards

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