Colorful Run for Haiti

2019-06-22 • 5k

35 Participants • 24 Women • 11 Men

Average Time: 00:41:36
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceFinish
135CODY MADSENMale Youth1100:16:40.7
136SKYLER WATTSMale Youth2200:19:33.6
21ZACK CHRISTIANSENMale Youth3300:24:15.1
77ANNE WEAVERFemale Adult4100:24:54.7
160BANNON WEAVERMale Adult5400:24:54.7
25MURPHY MENDENHALLMale Adult6500:31:00.0
38SAGE BERRETTFemale Youth7200:32:52.2
20LUKE CHRISTIANSENMale Youth8600:33:37.1
16Aaron ChristiansenMale Youth9700:33:38.1
18RYAN CHRISTIANSENMale Adult10800:33:38.8
3CELIA PAWLOWICHFemale Adult11300:35:30.0
141KANDI KNUDSEN09Female Adult12400:38:43.8
140HAZEL KNUDSENFemale Youth13500:38:44.1
152DARIA WEAVERMale Youth14900:40:59.7
78CELESTE WEAVERFemale Adult15600:41:08.6
129AMY REEDFemale Adult16700:42:23.4
30ADDISON BERRETTFemale Youth17800:42:48.7
116ALTA CRANEFemale Youth18900:43:39.0
131Bentlee IvieMale Youth191000:45:05.9
132ROBYN FULLMERFemale Adult201000:45:10.8
15JENNIFER CHRISTIANSENFemale Adult211100:45:12.7
142ALISSA LESTERFemale Youth221200:49:14.2
125KAILA MORGANFemale Youth231300:49:14.3
144JAYDEE LESTERFemale Adult241400:50:15.7
130IZABELLA PEREZFemale Youth251500:51:54.3
127JOHN LARSENFemale Adult261600:53:25.2
138CLARA ARNOLDFemale Youth271700:54:14.4
143GINA PARKERFemale Adult281800:55:15.6
137ANDREA ARNOLDFemale Adult291900:55:16.0
139MATT KOBSMale Adult301100:55:23.3
157ELISE SIMONSENFemale Adult312000:55:34.9
69ADRIA SMITHFemale Adult322101:06:24.6
167TAWNY LARSENFemale Adult
199LINDSEY OLSONFemale Adult
200COURTNEY DROZFemale Adult

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Name: Colorful Run for Haiti
Date: 2019-06-22
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