Top of Utah Half

2019-08-24 • TOU Half

780 Participants • 461 Women • 319 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
29Jaydn Asay_Overall Male11101:07:04.0
762Fritz Van de Kamp_Overall Male22201:07:06.0
497Logan Petty_Overall Male33301:07:43.0
479Benjamin Pachev_Overall Male44401:08:21.0
640Ben  Van Beekum_Overall Male55501:08:45.0
305Teren Jameson_Overall Masters Male66101:09:07.0
748Rush MillsMales 25-2977101:09:45.0
758Melchor Suaste_Overall Masters Male88201:13:22.0
708Savannah Berry_Overall Female91101:16:23.0
759Cameron SwensonMales 15-19109101:16:38.0
353Thom Kuehls_Overall Masters Male1110301:16:50.0
488Mark PayneMales 45-491211101:17:08.0
478Alexander PachevMales 45-491312201:17:21.0
70Kelsey Braithwaite_Overall Female142201:18:01.0
55Merrilee Blackham_Overall Female153301:18:45.0
446JD NeedhamMales 20-241613101:18:59.0
451Sylvan NeedhamMales 20-241714201:19:02.0
746Richard MarschnerMales 35-391815101:19:31.0
700Ryan AchatzMales 40-441916101:20:02.0
630Orson ThorntonMales 45-492017301:20:26.0
122Bill COBLERMales 55-592118101:20:38.0
54Jason BlackhamMales 40-442219201:20:42.0
490Christina Perry_Overall Female234401:21:02.0
147Scott DawMales 30-342420101:21:59.0
486Joshua PaulsenMales 40-442521301:22:29.0
449Stratford NeedhamMales 15-192622201:22:33.0
699JANEL ZICK_Overall Female275501:23:10.0
86Matt BugnetMales 35-392823201:23:53.0
116Walker ClarkMales 30-342924201:24:12.0
433Emily MorleyFemales 25-29306101:24:14.0
675Joey WilkinsonMales 40-443125401:24:32.0
273Michelle  HawsFemales 35-39327101:25:23.0
592Jessica Stanford_Overall Masters Female338101:26:00.0
31Jen AtwaterFemales 35-39349201:28:17.0
56McKale BladenFemales 20-243510101:28:42.0
287Cody HilyardMales 25-293626201:29:01.0
378Bart LiechtyMales 40-443727501:29:15.0
681James WillmoreMales 50-543828101:29:24.0
373Aaron LewisMales 45-493929401:30:03.0
623Jennie ThatcherFemales 25-294011201:30:26.0

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Name: Top of Utah Half
Date: 2019-08-24
Location: Providence, UT
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