I-Cup Cactus Hugger

2019-04-27 • Lil' Shredders [9 and Under]

32 Participants • 6 Women • 26 Men

Average Time: 00:07:24
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2014COLLIN JOHNSONLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:03:46.51Bountiful Bicycle Racing p/b Nate Wade Subaru
2038MCKAY HOLMLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:03:51.12
2075CALVIN MULLLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:04:01.53Frandull
2194RYKER FRANKLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:04:09.94Ten 23 Racing
2132LUKE CHRISTENSENLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:04:12.75
2082OLIVER NYLENLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:04:22.76Wheres My Limo
2198JACOB HARRISONLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:04:40.77
2029SAWYER HORTINLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:04:46.18
2079PADDOCK WHITTENLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:04:46.99Wheres My Limo
2013MIKAH THOMPSONLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:04:47.710Bike Fix
2077ALEXIS LAMAYLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:05:00.811Bingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners
2074LOGAN HONELil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:05:16.412
2049FRANK ADAMSLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:05:18.613
2133RYKER MELLENLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:05:23.414
2012CARTER HARDYLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:05:40.815Team Red Rock
2081HENRY NYLENLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:05:47.516Wheres my limo
2078WINSTON WHITTENLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:06:01.317Wheres My Limo
2073CARLY BADGERLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:06:01.818
2080TESS JOHNSONLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:06:02.319Maybird Reyes-Psych
2044JACOB NOBLELil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:07:11.920
2052KORBYN MELLINGLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:07:43.521
2036EVER HEATONLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:07:53.922
2037LIVIE HOLMLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:08:10.323
2130GAVIN PARKERLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:08:22.324
2030JACK SUTHERLANDLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:08:44.225
2199OAKLEY RICHARDSLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:09:34.226
2076DAVID M LAMAYLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:10:09.127Bingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners
2084GRACESON MILLERLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:11:16.928
2131NIXON KINGLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:11:45.529KingFamMTB
2200TANNER RICHARDSLil' Shredders [9 and Under]00:12:51.230
2051LAURA MELLINGLil' Shredders [9 and Under]
2116REMINGTON BLACKHURSTLil' Shredders [9 and Under]
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