Country View Elementary Colt Stampede 5k

2019-05-03 • 5k

221 Participants • 121 Women • 100 Men

Average Time: 00:40:28
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Comp.ViewBIBNameGenderCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
665Clint WebbmAge 36-5011100:18:47.0
475Parker BurrowsmAge 18-2522100:19:58.9
609Dallas WildemAge 26-3533100:20:55.4
652Braden TolmanmHigh School44100:21:30.9
571Taz LovemAge 18-2555200:21:38.8
454Natalie AndersonfAge 36-5061100:21:49.6
653Brian TolmanmAge 36-5076200:22:00.3
670Maddie HansenfAge 18-2582100:23:20.8
646Shelese StansfieldfAge 26-3593100:24:54.4
468Amber BurgessfJunior High School104100:25:32.6
462Dave BigelowmAge 36-50117300:25:37.5
478Breck Bushmanf5th Grade / 6th Grade125100:25:48.3
644Erin ShepardfAge 26-35136200:26:36.6
458Ammon Bigelowm3rd Grade / 4th Grade148100:26:41.2
510Katie ErkelensfJunior High School157200:26:43.1
513Emily FarrfAge 36-50168200:27:06.5
463Luke BigelowmPreschool / Kindergarten179100:27:48.3
624Cooper Roundym5th Grade / 6th Grade1810100:28:16.3
457Caleb Baldwinm5th Grade / 6th Grade1911200:28:45.6
667Kristi OstletrfAge 51 -60209100:28:50.8
616Jason PollmAge 36-502112400:28:52.6
657Ryan Toniolim1st Grade / 2nd Grade2213100:29:03.6
530Dan GravenmAge 36-502314500:29:15.6
613Christy PiercefAge 36-502410300:29:35.6
582Victoria MinardifPreschool / Kindergarten2511100:29:36.9
614Kennedy PiercefHigh School2612100:29:42.2
579Aaron MinardimAge 26-352715200:29:47.6
533Nate GravenmAge 36-502816600:29:52.7
556Porter Hougaurdm3rd Grade / 4th Grade2917200:30:04.9
580Emerald MinardifPreschool / Kindergarten3013200:30:46.4
581Jessica MinardifAge 26-353114300:30:46.7
629Matthew Rudmanm5th Grade / 6th Grade3218300:30:53.4
488Carson Congerm5th Grade / 6th Grade3319400:30:53.5
617Rylan PollmJunior High School3420100:30:53.5
511Rock Erkelensm5th Grade / 6th Grade3521500:31:39.2
512TC ErkelensmAge 36-503622700:31:41.5
509Julie ErkelensfAge 36-503715400:31:57.1
597Sophia MurrayfPreschool / Kindergarten3816300:32:33.7
502Andy EdwardsmAge 26-353923300:33:02.3
506Dayton Edwardsm1st Grade / 2nd Grade4024200:33:02.7

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Name: Country View Elementary Colt Stampede 5k
Date: 2019-05-03
Location: West Haven, UT
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