Moose on the Loose

2019-05-04 • Junior Moose

59 Participants • 26 Women • 33 Men

Average Time: 00:20:11
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
304Mallory CarterJunior Moose11100:12:23.3
260Ella StoughtonJunior Moose22200:12:26.2
264Ben McQueenJunior Moose31300:13:17.4
281Temu HinderakerJunior Moose42400:14:11.6
270Sam WrightJunior Moose53500:14:22.6
306Quinn RichterJunior Moose63600:14:54.8
258Harley DetersJunior Moose74700:15:26.0
279Cameron JanssenJunior Moose84800:15:53.4
286Hank MetcalfJunior Moose95900:16:25.4
308Cormac CandeeJunior Moose1061000:16:37.8
285Alexander WrightJunior Moose1171100:16:50.7
266Holland FikeJunior Moose1251200:16:52.2
256Mason SchwarzenbachJunior Moose1381300:16:59.9
284Alison YarbroughJunior Moose1461400:18:11.1
294Oliver BodnarJunior Moose1591500:18:12.3
305Hallie RichterJunior Moose1671600:18:22.0
253Pike KarzJunior Moose17101700:18:40.2
509Zeke RushJunior Moose18111800:19:03.2
261Jaslene HernandezJunior Moose1981900:19:32.3
307Cruz EddyJunior Moose20122000:19:40.9
269Timur BorjiginJunior Moose21132100:19:43.7
277Connor GrossJunior Moose22142200:20:06.7
259Ryan SmealJunior Moose23152300:20:14.7
276Wade WallaceJunior Moose24162400:20:30.3
302Healy JensenJunior Moose2592500:20:52.0
287Annabelle MetcalfJunior Moose26102600:21:04.8
298Lilly NicolJunior Moose27112700:21:38.9
293Samantha MazanecJunior Moose28122800:21:39.0
295Jaxon TummersJunior Moose29172900:21:43.4
299Price NicolJunior Moose30183000:21:43.5
278Adelaide LewisJunior Moose31133100:21:45.5
275Wesley WallaceJunior Moose32193200:21:45.7
291Aiden LoaneJunior Moose33203300:22:16.8
283Donovan WilkinsJunior Moose34213400:22:35.7
296Beckman BridgewaterJunior Moose35223500:22:46.3
262Micah ChristophersonJunior Moose36143600:22:59.2
273Leo DaileyJunior Moose37233700:23:35.2
289Wyatt PolandJunior Moose38243800:24:13.4
263Marin RendleJunior Moose39153900:24:22.6
254Emma TullisJunior Moose40164000:24:25.9

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Name: Moose on the Loose
Date: 2019-05-04
Location: Park City, UT
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