Moose on the Loose

2019-06-01 • Mini Moose

66 Participants • 32 Women • 34 Men

Average Time: 00:10:50
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
100Teague doraisMini Moose11100:06:20.0
58Harper JanssenMini Moose21200:06:35.8
71Bailey CooperMini Moose32300:06:50.3
101Edan WebsterMini Moose42400:06:54.5
89Coby FikeMini Moose53500:07:31.6
84Cameron ZarlengoMini Moose64600:07:37.8
107Sebastian WucherMini Moose75700:07:40.0
83Michaela ProvanMini Moose83800:07:43.8
78Brooklyn EddyMini Moose94900:07:59.1
88Eston FriedmanMini Moose1061000:08:11.4
105Phoebe CampbellMini Moose1151100:08:14.0
95Lulu HeglarMini Moose1261200:08:18.1
110Iliana BlakeMini Moose1371300:08:27.2
119Nora DaileyMini Moose1481400:08:28.2
99Graham GainesMini Moose1571500:08:33.2
122Parker AederMini Moose1691600:08:35.3
56William CorsonMini Moose1781700:08:37.0
90Addison WubbelsMini Moose1891800:08:37.1
102Alex ThompsonMini Moose19101900:08:37.7
65Everett PolandMini Moose20112000:08:41.5
92Chase RaoMini Moose21122100:08:42.4
67Elise BodnarMini Moose22102200:08:46.7
98Ryder NicolasMini Moose23132300:08:47.1
77Andie BrownMini Moose24112400:08:53.8
86Brayden LampertMini Moose25142500:09:00.9
85Lauren ZarlengoMini Moose26122600:09:12.1
111Sage HothMini Moose27132700:09:20.9
73Caleb MontejanoMini Moose28152800:09:30.2
96Millie HeglarMini Moose29142900:09:42.9
106Finley ParkerMini Moose30153000:09:45.5
76Layne RichterMini Moose31163100:09:51.9
74Austin SimpsonMini Moose32163200:09:57.3
120Hazel SchillerMini Moose33173300:09:57.5
112Mateo RoblesMini Moose34173400:10:31.7
25Ridley CorsonMini Moose35183500:10:32.1
62Harrison WilkinsMini Moose36193600:10:43.3
118Ava HorneMini Moose37183700:10:48.4
59Koen ThielMini Moose38203800:10:53.6
60Anders ThielMini Moose39213900:10:54.5
80Rose KuceraMini Moose40194000:10:55.9

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Name: Moose on the Loose
Date: 2019-06-01
Location: Park City, UT
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