Moose on the Loose

2019-06-01 • Junior Moose

75 Participants • 36 Women • 39 Men

Average Time: 00:27:11
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
336Mallory CarterJunior Moose11100:15:26.8
366Lars doraisJunior Moose21200:15:59.2
311Cameron JanssenJunior Moose32300:18:06.2
318Henry MetcalfJunior Moose43400:18:19.2
361Sam WrightJunior Moose54500:18:25.9
364JB CronleyJunior Moose65600:18:26.2
338Quinn RichterJunior Moose72700:19:06.0
351Holland FikeJunior Moose83800:19:41.2
326Oliver BodnarJunior Moose96900:19:53.3
327Jaxon TummersJunior Moose1071000:19:53.4
363Elise CronleyJunior Moose1141100:20:40.2
310Adelaide LewisJunior Moose1251200:21:09.3
360Charlotte HeglarJunior Moose1361300:21:21.4
353Murphy PageJunior Moose1481400:21:22.3
347Madison LampertJunior Moose1571500:21:29.2
342Pike KarzJunior Moose1691600:21:40.4
378Hazel GammonJunior Moose1781700:22:04.6
377Julia MagnusonJunior Moose1891800:22:20.6
330Lilly NicolJunior Moose19101900:22:55.6
349Cooper SalmonJunior Moose20102000:22:55.9
317Alexander WrightJunior Moose21112100:23:01.3
348Cole SalmonJunior Moose22122200:23:12.4
331Price NicolJunior Moose23132300:23:25.8
344Charlotte ProvanJunior Moose24112400:23:40.1
339Cruz EddyJunior Moose25142500:24:26.8
365Ryan SmealJunior Moose26152600:24:59.2
328Beckman BridgewaterJunior Moose27162700:25:02.0
359London ZarkosJunior Moose28122800:25:14.2
354Skylar TaixJunior Moose29132900:25:14.4
316Alison YarbroughJunior Moose30143000:25:25.3
337Hallie RichterJunior Moose31153100:25:27.5
323Aiden LoaneJunior Moose32173200:25:34.0
321Wyatt PolandJunior Moose33183300:25:39.4
315Donovan WilkinsJunior Moose34193400:25:56.1
252Leo DaileyJunior Moose35203500:25:59.1
370Ella LimbackJunior Moose36163600:26:19.5
372Jack ParkerJunior Moose37213700:26:28.3
362Sedona VivolaJunior Moose38173800:26:43.2
341Bryn TschabrunJunior Moose39183900:26:48.8
334Healy JensenJunior Moose40194000:29:41.9

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Name: Moose on the Loose
Date: 2019-06-01
Location: Park City, UT
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