Moose on the Loose

2019-06-01 • Mighty Moose

20 Participants • 2 Women • 18 Men

Average Time: 00:34:36
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
526Drew CrouchMighty Moose11100:25:14.6
519Kyle ClarkeMighty Moose22200:25:25.7
525Jack WeirMighty Moose33300:25:32.5
527Jaydon CrouchMighty Moose44400:26:05.1
523Derek EddyMighty Moose55500:28:44.0
533Jackson SmealMighty Moose66600:30:46.6
535Zachary LozancichMighty Moose77700:33:01.6
530Parker TaixMighty Moose88800:33:04.2
513Jack RushMighty Moose99900:33:29.2
520Cameron GomezMighty Moose1011000:34:28.5
521Lochlan FrickMighty Moose11101100:35:06.2
532Micah AndersonMighty Moose12111200:37:13.2
373Jackson CarlsonMighty Moose13121300:45:20.5
531Niko ZarkosMighty Moose14131400:45:21.5
529Max CardenasMighty Moose15141500:46:54.5
528Adante RowlandMighty Moose16151600:47:39.9
510Scarlett KleinMighty Moose
518Brody MertensMighty Moose
522harper sargentMighty Moose
524Tyson EmeryMighty Moose

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Name: Moose on the Loose
Date: 2019-06-01
Location: Park City, UT
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