Walking With Kpeasey 5k

2019-06-22 • 5k

117 Participants • 70 Women • 47 Men

Average Time: 00:35:22
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceFinish
51Kevin EnnersAll Males1100:16:46.8
19Brent PeaseAll Males2200:18:14.7
18Kyle PeaseAll Males3300:18:14.7
57ABIGAIL ROBISONAll Females4100:19:09.8
78LEE WEATHERHEADAll Males5400:19:45.5
99BRINLEY BLEYLAll Females6200:19:45.7
42Cougar CliffordAll Males7500:20:22.1
43WILLIAM ROBINSONAll Males8600:20:34.3
44Colleen CliffordAll Females9300:20:36.1
58EMMA ROBISONAll Females10400:21:23.8
54COLIN THOMASAll Males11700:21:24.1
26JULES MAGDAAll Males12800:21:28.4
95RYAN HOFFMANAll Males13900:22:02.2
94KATE HOFFMANAll Females14500:22:02.3
28JEFF SCHREIBERAll Males151000:22:42.4
56BREANN CHRISTIANAll Females16600:23:01.5
65PERRY HACKERAll Males171100:23:01.7
93ANNA CRANDALLAll Females18700:23:20.8
62MARTIN WRIGHTAll Males191200:23:26.6
85KEVIN MILDNERAll Males201300:23:27.3
84JORDAN MILDNERAll Females21800:23:28.5
82STEFAN STECKAll Males221400:23:48.0
92AUGGIE WASMUNDAll Males231500:24:31.9
33Lucas AldrichAll Males241600:24:42.1
34Noah AldrichAll Males251700:24:42.6
35Brian AldrichAll Males261800:24:46.4
53LUCY MEJIAS THOMASAll Females27900:24:49.5
29LUKE SCHREIBERAll Males281900:25:48.6
100JULIA REARDONAll Females291000:25:55.2
20NEAL TOWNSENDAll Males302000:26:44.2
36CRISTIAN SANCHEZAll Males312100:27:01.9
97LEXIE HUMPHREYAll Females321100:27:01.9
96SEAN SLOANAll Males332200:27:02.2
77EMMA WEATHERHEADAll Females341200:27:16.6
22JANIE SIMPSONAll Females351300:27:37.6
3JASON FOUTZAll Males362300:27:38.0
46ZANE HOLMQUISTAll Males372400:28:49.4
21TRISHA TOWNSENDAll Females381400:29:03.7
39KELI HUBERAll Females391500:30:49.0
70THOMAS JACOBSENAll Males402500:31:14.6

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Name: Walking With Kpeasey 5k
Date: 2019-06-22
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