Innovmetric's 9th Annual Fun Run & Walk 5k

2019-07-24 • 5k

64 Participants • 17 Women • 47 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameGenderCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
32Steve SeilermAdult Male11100:20:04.0
54Andy BrackenmAdult Male22200:21:28.0
19Harry HanleymAdult Male33300:21:41.0
37Mary BroufasfAdult Female41100:22:11.0
47Keya GemechumAdult Male54400:22:24.0
31Jeremy SchmidtmAdult Male65500:22:28.0
40Chris SchneidermAdult Male76600:23:00.0
13Joseph GleasonmAdult Male87700:23:06.0
29David O'NealmAdult Male98800:23:32.0
28Justin NovakmAdult Male109900:23:55.0
63Landon MillsmChild Male1110100:23:58.0
62Dana MillsfAdult Female122200:23:58.0
49Laurent PortemAdult Male13111000:24:42.0
3Caleb CanalmAdult Male14121100:24:42.0
2Michelle BangertfAdult Female153300:25:27.0
27Benjamin NorthrupmAdult Male16131200:25:29.0
30Chuck PfeffermAdult Male17141300:25:44.0
36Matt ZmijewskimAdult Male18151400:26:15.0
4Charlene CheungfAdult Female194400:26:48.0
53Garrett CarpentermAdult Male20161500:26:57.0
41Rafael HasbunmAdult Male21171600:27:17.0
59Al GriffamAdult Male22181700:27:25.0
11Connor GleasonmChild Male2319200:27:29.0
51Eric nemitzmAdult Male24201800:28:24.0
55John KanemAdult Male25211900:28:48.0
12Daniel GleasonmAdult Male26222000:28:49.0
33Marcellus SpirksmAdult Male27232100:29:54.0
26Richard NelsonmAdult Male28242200:30:16.0
64Kevin VanDerhoofmAdult Male29252300:30:28.0
9Giuseppe GancimAdult Male30262400:30:55.0
44Jack HornbergermAdult Male31272500:31:27.0
22Stuart JensenmAdult Male32282600:31:30.0
10Ava GleasonfChild Female335100:31:41.0
61Todd EntenmannmAdult Male34292700:31:57.0
52Robert FlynnmAdult Male35302800:32:38.0
46Jeff EvensonmAdult Male36312900:32:39.0
18Hamish HanleymChild Male3732300:32:53.0
56Ben HughesmAdult Male38333000:33:10.0
5Soud CullenfAdult Female396500:33:39.0
50Joe GleasonmAdult Male40343100:34:44.0

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Name: Innovmetric's 9th Annual Fun Run & Walk 5k
Date: 2019-07-24
Location: Orlando, FL
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