Chile Harvest Triathlon Youth Race

2019-08-02 • 9-10 Years

29 Participants • 13 Women • 16 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
233Abby CadolGirls 9-10 Years11100:15:43.0
284Keller FordBoys 9-10 Years21100:15:46.0
236Andy StokerBoys 9-10 Years32200:15:59.0
291Riley SewellBoys 9-10 Years43300:16:11.0
274David VeharBoys 9-10 Years54400:16:14.0
292Timur AitbayevBoys 9-10 Years65500:17:12.0
281Kathleen JohnsonGirls 9-10 Years72200:17:16.0
272Connor LattimoreBoys 9-10 Years86600:17:23.0
290Peyton EllerBoys 9-10 Years97700:17:36.0
275David BabingtonBoys 9-10 Years108800:17:44.0
238Avery TimmonsGirls 9-10 Years113300:17:51.0
273Cutter GerardBoys 9-10 Years129900:18:13.0
239Caelyn PettyjohnGirls 9-10 Years134400:18:13.0
235Amarissa LopezGirls 9-10 Years145500:18:24.0
240Colin LeclercBoys 9-10 Years15101000:18:31.0
277Felicity SzantoGirls 9-10 Years166600:18:48.0
271Connor JohnstonBoys 9-10 Years17111100:19:12.0
287Micayden GallegosBoys 9-10 Years18121200:19:24.0
237Annabelle SchluepGirls 9-10 Years197700:19:32.0
234Alexis LattimoreGirls 9-10 Years208800:20:19.0
293Wesley AmatoBoys 9-10 Years21131300:21:04.0
286Maddie ChavezGirls 9-10 Years229900:21:27.0
279Jayden CarranzaGirls 9-10 Years23101000:21:37.0
280Kassidy BrunsonGirls 9-10 Years24111100:21:54.0
288Owen LoftonBoys 9-10 Years25141400:21:54.0
289Paige LoftonGirls 9-10 Years26121200:22:04.0
285Lincoln WilkinsonBoys 9-10 Years27151500:25:57.0
276Destiny TorresGirls 9-10 Years
278Jacob CarrilloBoys 9-10 Years

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Name: Chile Harvest Triathlon Youth Race
Date: 2019-08-02
Location: Socorro, NM
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