Salt City Mile

2019-09-02 • 1 Mile

163 Participants • 69 Women • 94 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
2295Jason LynchMale Open Men11100:04:23.4
2291Teren JamesonMale Open Men22200:04:27.7
2292Cullen KuntzMale Open Men33300:04:30.9
2211Edward WhiteMale 19-29 M/F44100:04:33.7
2289Ben GriffinMale Open Men55400:04:36.8
2315Benjamin PachevMale Open Men66500:04:40.8
2334Carson BurianMale Youth 15-1677100:04:41.3
2302Albert WintMale Open Men88600:04:42.3
2335Jack LangeMale Youth 15-1699200:04:43.7
2298Matthew O'ConnorMale Open Men1010700:04:45.2
2301Fritz Van De KampMale Open Men1111800:04:45.2
2213Mark CurrellMale 30-39 M/F1212100:04:45.5
2293Jacob KuntzMale Open Men1313900:04:47.6
2273Nathan HornokMale Masters Men1414100:04:50.7
2297Matthew NelliMale Open Men15151000:04:52.9
2290Jon HansenMale Open Men16161100:04:54.1
2294Aaron LongMale Open Men17171200:04:56.1
2203CASSIDY HeidMale 19-29 M/F1818200:05:00.8
2263Fritz Van De KampDog Mile1919100:05:02.0
2276Mark PayneMale Masters Men2020200:05:02.5
2337Aksel AndersonMale Youth 17-182121100:05:05.7
2208Brandon ReichMale 19-29 M/F2222300:05:07.1
2258Neal GassmannDog Mile2323200:05:09.5
2278Melchor SuasteMale Masters Men2424300:05:10.2
2271Neal GassmannMale Masters Men2525400:05:10.8
2300Collin SwensonMale Open Men26261300:05:11.7
2406Calvin WeightMale Masters Men2727500:05:13.0
2275Alexander PachevMale Masters Men2828600:05:15.8
2331Jacob PachevMale Youth 13-142929100:05:16.2
2332Joseph PachevMale Youth 13-143030200:05:16.3
2311Megan FoleyFemale Open Women311100:05:16.5
2214Charlie LambrixMale 30-39 M/F3231200:05:16.8
2317Christina PerryFemale Open Women332200:05:17.1
2303Andrew ZiminskiMale Open Men34321400:05:23.4
2287Scott DawMale Open Men35331500:05:26.0
2325Cole JamesonMale Youth 11-123634100:05:27.4
2299Gabe ShermanMale Open Men37351600:05:28.7
2274Bradley NeuenschwanderMale Masters Men3836700:05:29.1
2235leo ponceMale 50-59 M/F3937100:05:29.4
2222lawrence cannonMale 40-49 M/F4038100:05:32.7

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Name: Salt City Mile
Date: 2019-09-02
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
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