UCSSAL Cross Country State Championships

2019-10-03 • Boys 9th Grade League

53 Participants • 0 Women • 53 Men

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2256Jack LarsonBoys 9th Grade League100:12:06.2Lincoln
2360Will SteadmanBoys 9th Grade League200:12:12.1Early Light
2309Isaiah GilbertBoys 9th Grade League300:12:45.9Hawthorn
2417Watson TobiassonBoys 9th Grade League400:12:50.1
2286Joshua LewisBoys 9th Grade League500:12:50.1Lincoln
2310Jake RendonBoys 9th Grade League600:12:51.9Hawthorn
2209Alan VenegasBoys 9th Grade League700:12:53.4North Davis
2230Jude StuartBoys 9th Grade League800:12:57.5North Davis
2368Brayden PeckBoys 9th Grade League900:12:59.8
2353Andrew MorganBoys 9th Grade League1000:13:06.1Lakeview
2361Ethan SmithBoys 9th Grade League1100:13:08.0Early Light
2419Daniel JardineBoys 9th Grade League1200:13:09.3
2355Wyatt NiemannBoys 9th Grade League1300:13:16.4Lakeview
2362Tyler WillisBoys 9th Grade League1400:13:18.7Early Light
2418Presdon FackrellBoys 9th Grade League1500:13:19.8
2367Dallin WilkinsonBoys 9th Grade League1600:13:20.5
2357Landon DollerBoys 9th Grade League1700:13:22.3Lakeview
2356Atkin DimondBoys 9th Grade League1800:13:28.1Lakeview
2373Parker SmithBoys 9th Grade League1900:13:30.0
2354Gavin FisherBoys 9th Grade League2000:13:35.1Lakeview
2285Will PapworthBoys 9th Grade League2100:13:37.2Lincoln
2371Dane JonesBoys 9th Grade League2200:13:37.2
2250Joshua ShreeveBoys 9th Grade League2300:13:39.3North Davis
2233Ty ParkinBoys 9th Grade League2400:13:40.3North Davis
2319Ashton CowleyBoys 9th Grade League2500:13:41.5Hawthorn
2249Lincoln ChildsBoys 9th Grade League2600:13:42.7North Davis
2358Cole BeattyBoys 9th Grade League2700:13:44.4Lakeview
2288Nelson SteeleBoys 9th Grade League2800:13:45.4Lincoln
2338Gavin LundgrenBoys 9th Grade League2900:13:48.3Hawthorn
2420Ashton ReedBoys 9th Grade League3000:13:51.8
2247Tyler WatersBoys 9th Grade League3100:14:00.2North Davis
2232Liam ParkinBoys 9th Grade League3200:14:01.1North Davis
2359Ben BuckBoys 9th Grade League3300:14:02.5Lakeview
2305Isaac OlsonBoys 9th Grade League3400:14:04.4Lincoln
2372Seth NielsenBoys 9th Grade League3500:14:07.8
2364McKay SteadmanBoys 9th Grade League3600:14:08.0Early Light
2205Christian AndersonBoys 9th Grade League3700:14:10.7Legacy Prep
2308Jackson LawrenceBoys 9th Grade League3800:14:11.9Lincoln
2363Eric MadsenBoys 9th Grade League3900:14:17.5Early Light
2024Jaxon KohlerBoys 9th Grade League4000:14:19.6Legacy Prep

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