UCSSAL Cross Country State Championships

2019-10-03 • Girls 8th Grade League

52 Participants • 52 Women • 0 Men

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940Annie McCoardGirls 8th Grade League100:13:18.0Freedom Prep
1Ava BrinkerhoffGirls 8th Grade League200:13:23.9
45Malia JessopGirls 8th Grade League300:13:50.1
947Keiana YardleyGirls 8th Grade League400:13:55.3Providence
954Elaine LunsfordGirls 8th Grade League500:14:15.7Intermountain Christian
955Faith NutzelGirls 8th Grade League600:14:23.2Intermountain Christian
2414Lexie CallisterGirls 8th Grade League700:14:26.1
934Addie HoopesGirls 8th Grade League800:14:26.4Summit Draper
935Britta CharnholmGirls 8th Grade League900:14:28.2Summit Draper
936Ava PerkinsGirls 8th Grade League1000:14:43.5Summit Draper
941Lydia ChristensenGirls 8th Grade League1100:14:47.5Freedom Prep
957Hope EdmundsGirls 8th Grade League1200:14:53.6Intermountain Christian
939Isabella CarmonaGirls 8th Grade League1300:15:00.1Summit Draper
942Jenna EversoleGirls 8th Grade League1400:15:01.2Freedom Prep
956Amelia AdemaGirls 8th Grade League1500:15:05.9Intermountain Christian
30Ara MesserianGirls 8th Grade League1600:15:17.4
948Jocelyn NelsonGirls 8th Grade League1700:15:19.8Providence
958Bri HarrisonGirls 8th Grade League1800:15:23.6Intermountain Christian
943Kimi AndelinGirls 8th Grade League1900:15:28.8Freedom Prep
944Taylor RojasGirls 8th Grade League2000:15:37.4Freedom Prep
42Gretel DeMartinGirls 8th Grade League2100:15:39.6
2Lucy JensenGirls 8th Grade League2200:15:47.2
961Natalie Girls 8th Grade League2300:15:54.4Monticello
950Bostyn McDanielGirls 8th Grade League2400:15:55.2Providence
951liza CrowtonGirls 8th Grade League2500:15:58.5Providence
949Phoebe MillsGirls 8th Grade League2600:15:59.3Providence
2428Jayce RobertsGirls 8th Grade League2700:15:59.3
962Angelina Girls 8th Grade League2800:16:04.6Monticello
49Eliza GillGirls 8th Grade League2900:16:06.7
52Sophie SullivanGirls 8th Grade League3000:16:07.1
946Ashlyn MayGirls 8th Grade League3100:16:10.2Freedom Prep
937Natalie LawsonGirls 8th Grade League3200:16:11.7Summit Draper
959Abby HarmonGirls 8th Grade League3300:16:21.9Intermountain Christian
938Elly ApplegateGirls 8th Grade League3400:16:30.0Summit Draper
968Annalynn StewartGirls 8th Grade League3500:16:32.5APA Draper
969Allison StewartGirls 8th Grade League3600:16:43.2APA Draper
970Cynthia BenuzilloGirls 8th Grade League3700:16:54.6APA Draper
27Hope LoweryGirls 8th Grade League3800:16:56.7
945Azelynn SmithGirls 8th Grade League3900:17:08.8Freedom Prep
2413Ashlynn AllphinGirls 8th Grade League4000:17:18.1

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