UCSSAL Cross Country State Championships

2019-10-03 • Girls 9th Grade League

53 Participants • 53 Women • 0 Men

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345Austyn FellerGirls 9th Grade League100:13:01.5Lakeview
346Olivia MoralesGirls 9th Grade League200:13:39.4Lakeview
2421Natalie BlackburnGirls 9th Grade League300:13:53.4
334Brianna BadonieGirls 9th Grade League400:14:03.6Hawthorn
347Sammi RileyGirls 9th Grade League500:14:04.2Lakeview
2416Quincey MatthewsGirls 9th Grade League600:14:18.3
348Aubree CampGirls 9th Grade League700:14:24.6Lakeview
340Audrey SchettlerGirls 9th Grade League800:14:29.2Mountainville
342Amy GaoGirls 9th Grade League900:14:37.2Mountainville
326Annie NewmanGirls 9th Grade League1000:14:44.9North Davis
2422Autumn BlackburnGirls 9th Grade League1100:14:45.4
333Tiannah AndersonGirls 9th Grade League1200:14:45.7Hawthorn
2424Georgia SteeleGirls 9th Grade League1300:14:46.4
341Abby BrooksGirls 9th Grade League1400:14:54.9Mountainville
926Jadyn AndersonGirls 9th Grade League1500:15:05.2Lakeview
349Anna McCurdyGirls 9th Grade League1600:15:11.9Lakeview
927Ellie StarkGirls 9th Grade League1700:15:17.6Early Light
2425Ruby HuntsmanGirls 9th Grade League1800:15:18.6
930Bree TuckerGirls 9th Grade League1900:15:21.8Early Light
324Abby HerdershotGirls 9th Grade League2000:15:22.9Legacy Prep
319Kiera DeVriesGirls 9th Grade League2100:15:29.4Legacy Prep
328Raefan CornellGirls 9th Grade League2200:15:30.1North Davis
335Novie LeGirls 9th Grade League2300:15:35.6Hawthorn
928Sydney SteadmanGirls 9th Grade League2400:15:54.5Early Light
350Elizabeth LincolnGirls 9th Grade League2500:16:01.6Lakeview
81Lilian FisherGirls 9th Grade League2600:16:05.0
321Marcie MortensenGirls 9th Grade League2700:16:10.1Legacy Prep
929Piper MorrisGirls 9th Grade League2800:16:10.2Early Light
58Ila SeelyGirls 9th Grade League2900:16:13.7
322Torey MortensenGirls 9th Grade League3000:16:18.7Legacy Prep
327Mia AguileraGirls 9th Grade League3100:16:25.4North Davis
931Sara FerrerGirls 9th Grade League3200:16:33.1Early Light
315Ava SteereGirls 9th Grade League3300:16:38.6
932Lilly LomuGirls 9th Grade League3400:16:39.0Early Light
339Sara NguyenGirls 9th Grade League3500:16:40.5Hawthorn
337Amelia AndersonGirls 9th Grade League3600:17:00.8Hawthorn
323Courtney MadsenGirls 9th Grade League3700:17:10.9Legacy Prep
330Alison YoungerGirls 9th Grade League3800:17:29.8North Davis
338Sadie SorensenGirls 9th Grade League3900:17:36.0Hawthorn
320Morgan RayGirls 9th Grade League4000:17:37.5Legacy Prep

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