Race Cats Canyons Meet #2

2019-10-21 • Pumas

71 Participants • 35 Women • 36 Men

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300Hannah ConryFemale Pumas100:05:35.3St. John the Baptist
1112Isaac MillerMale Pumas200:05:35.5Midway Race cats
395Finn ArchibaldMale Pumas300:05:43.1Willow Springs
21Jake WarnickMale Pumas400:05:56.4Alpine/Highland Race Cats
247Thomas BrownMale Pumas500:05:58.6Park Lane
304Caitlin WiedmannFemale Pumas600:06:00.4St. John the Baptist
49Kohen GuntherMale Pumas700:06:01.6Butler
79William KaldahlMale Pumas800:06:02.3Channing Hall
77Jonathan HaleMale Pumas900:06:02.4Channing Hall
166Nora BurrFemale Pumas1000:06:04.9Oak Hollow
168Hailey DornyFemale Pumas1100:06:10.2Oak Hollow
358Anna AllenFemale Pumas1200:06:12.6Sunrise
299Brooks CameronMale Pumas1300:06:14.1St. John the Baptist
216Luka JohnFemale Pumas1400:06:15.8Oakdale
933Myles JamesonMale Pumas1500:06:20.9Taylorsville
223Isaac WagnerMale Pumas1600:06:21.0Oakdale
215Etta JensenFemale Pumas1700:06:21.6Oakdale
332Jacob KrisleMale Pumas1800:06:28.9Summit Academy
22Lucy WilsonFemale Pumas1900:06:29.0Alpine/Highland Race Cats
1157Josephine HeatonFemale Pumas2000:06:29.9Summit Academy
360Clara EllsworthFemale Pumas2100:06:31.9Sunrise
1169Erik LuitjensMale Pumas2200:06:40.0St. John the Baptist
397Savannah JohnsonFemale Pumas2300:06:41.3Willow Springs
303Morgan WelkerFemale Pumas2400:06:43.4St. John the Baptist
131Lorelai LathamFemale Pumas2500:06:46.2Lone Peak
76Jake BrinkerhoffMale Pumas2600:06:49.0Channing Hall
170Owen YrungarayMale Pumas2700:06:51.9Oak Hollow
83Matthew WongMale Pumas2800:06:56.5Channing Hall
134Austin MackayMale Pumas2900:07:07.5Lone Peak
78Parker HarringtonMale Pumas3000:07:09.9Channing Hall
80Sage KienholzFemale Pumas3100:07:10.3Channing Hall
164Elyse BaskettFemale Pumas3200:07:12.8Oak Hollow
217Ingrid LuntFemale Pumas3300:07:19.9Oakdale
20Ammon ThomasMale Pumas3400:07:21.2Alpine/Highland Race Cats
220Stella Van SteenkisteFemale Pumas3500:07:22.9Oakdale
1165Savannah BroadbentFemale Pumas3600:07:24.7Oakdale
934William McKinnonMale Pumas3700:07:31.3Taylorsville
1115Finn EvansMale Pumas3800:07:36.8St. John’s
298Brody BowersMale Pumas3900:07:44.1St. John the Baptist
363Brooklyn PetersonFemale Pumas4000:07:44.7Sunrise

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