Race Cats Canyons Meet #2

2019-10-21 • Cheetahs 9-10

165 Participants • 74 Women • 91 Men

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262Ryder LinfordMale Cheetahs 9-10100:12:51.0Quail Hollow
16Dallin WilsonMale Cheetahs 9-10200:12:56.9Alpine/Highland Race Cats
121Corbin MackayMale Cheetahs 9-10300:12:59.1Lone Peak
64Watson CarrMale Cheetahs 9-10400:13:10.6Channing Hall
293Teagan HarrisFemale Cheetahs 9-10500:13:20.6St. John the Baptist
255Ryan BaiMale Cheetahs 9-10600:13:30.8Quail Hollow
354Miller McDonoughMale Cheetahs 9-10700:13:46.8Sunrise
290Ryder CameronMale Cheetahs 9-10800:13:48.3St. John the Baptist
1176Jett ColeMale Cheetahs 9-10900:13:52.4Lone Peak
9Jonah CrowtherMale Cheetahs 9-101000:13:57.8Alpine/Highland Race Cats
325Adam MoodyMale Cheetahs 9-101100:13:59.3Summit Academy
156Kiegan EdwardsMale Cheetahs 9-101200:14:02.7Oak Hollow
1121Nicco AlonsoMale Cheetahs 9-101300:14:03.8Oak Hollow
353Sam HansenMale Cheetahs 9-101400:14:06.6Sunrise
209Ariana MilikotaFemale Cheetahs 9-101500:14:24.7Oakdale
281Eli GrzybowskiMale Cheetahs 9-101600:14:25.8Sprucewood
246London VierkantFemale Cheetahs 9-101700:14:27.7Park Lane
63Ryan BrinkerhoffMale Cheetahs 9-101800:14:28.7Channing Hall
1162Landon SummersMale Cheetahs 9-101900:14:32.0Oakdale
222Seth WagnerMale Cheetahs 9-102000:14:34.7Oakdale
348Andrew BouletteMale Cheetahs 9-102100:14:36.3Sunrise
1160Emma DalyFemale Cheetahs 9-102200:14:36.6Oak Hollow
268Peter WangsgardMale Cheetahs 9-102300:14:37.3Quail Hollow
157Holden GruttaMale Cheetahs 9-102400:14:38.3Oak Hollow
17Caleb WrightMale Cheetahs 9-102500:14:44.5Alpine/Highland Race Cats
256Devin BrownMale Cheetahs 9-102600:14:49.1Quail Hollow
33Carson BoyerMale Cheetahs 9-102700:14:49.4Altara
13Asher PrattMale Cheetahs 9-102800:14:51.8Alpine/Highland Race Cats
158Hunter HenegarMale Cheetahs 9-102900:14:52.3Oak Hollow
155Logan DornyMale Cheetahs 9-103000:14:55.0Oak Hollow
199Chloe BarrettFemale Cheetahs 9-103100:15:07.4Oakdale
12Joshua PiccoloMale Cheetahs 9-103200:15:07.7Alpine/Highland Race Cats
269Caleb WangsgardMale Cheetahs 9-103300:15:08.2Quail Hollow
259Logan HartMale Cheetahs 9-103400:15:09.1Quail Hollow
378Zach AdamsonMale Cheetahs 9-103500:15:09.1Willow Springs
928Kade BrogdonMale Cheetahs 9-103600:15:12.8Taylorsville
202Heber FrazierMale Cheetahs 9-103700:15:15.7Oakdale
267McKenzie UreFemale Cheetahs 9-103800:15:19.6Quail Hollow
291Anna Kate ConnollyFemale Cheetahs 9-103900:15:19.6St. John the Baptist
115Audrey JohansonFemale Cheetahs 9-104000:15:25.2Lone Peak

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