Race Cats Canyons Meet #2

2019-10-21 • Cheetahs 11-12

35 Participants • 14 Women • 21 Men

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103Isaak KnutsenMale Cheetahs 11-12100:12:51.2Lone Peak
6Sophie SteigerFemale Cheetahs 11-12200:13:14.4Alpine/Highland Race Cats
7Tyler WilsonMale Cheetahs 11-12300:13:16.8Alpine/Highland Race Cats
5Bennett HallstromMale Cheetahs 11-12400:13:44.1Alpine/Highland Race Cats
4Erik GlassfordMale Cheetahs 11-12500:14:04.8Alpine/Highland Race Cats
101Brady HoughtonMale Cheetahs 11-12600:14:24.3Lone Peak
1130Lucas BarrandMale Cheetahs 11-12700:14:31.8Race Cats
289Samuel JacobMale Cheetahs 11-12800:14:52.5St. John the Baptist
30Gage McRaeMale Cheetahs 11-12900:15:25.0Altara
150Marshall OstlerMale Cheetahs 11-121000:15:30.5Oak Hollow
927Oliver MooreMale Cheetahs 11-121100:15:57.2Taylorsville
253Nia SilvestroFemale Cheetahs 11-121200:16:31.0Quail Hollow
3Sam FultonMale Cheetahs 11-121300:16:49.4Alpine/Highland Race Cats
344Rylan GardnerMale Cheetahs 11-121400:16:56.8Sunrise
198Tavia WildeFemale Cheetahs 11-121500:17:02.2Oakdale
346Bobby StittMale Cheetahs 11-121600:17:52.8Sunrise
102Brayden JonesMale Cheetahs 11-121700:18:04.1Lone Peak
376Jake BinghamMale Cheetahs 11-121800:18:37.2Willow Springs
251Ben CleggMale Cheetahs 11-121900:18:46.1Quail Hollow
239Isabella ParkerFemale Cheetahs 11-122000:19:02.6Park Lane
62Elsie AndersonFemale Cheetahs 11-122100:19:32.5Channing Hall
2Grace CannonFemale Cheetahs 11-122200:19:43.6Alpine/Highland Race Cats
31Canon SpillettMale Cheetahs 11-122300:19:43.7Altara
148Jane OlsenFemale Cheetahs 11-122400:22:24.7Oak Hollow
149Elsie OsborneFemale Cheetahs 11-122500:24:52.6Oak Hollow
29Mikaela BurtonFemale Cheetahs 11-122600:25:18.1Altara
196Grant CannonMale Cheetahs 11-12Oakdale
197Kate KnightFemale Cheetahs 11-12Oakdale
240Kaia RobertsFemale Cheetahs 11-12Park Lane
241Ivy RobertsFemale Cheetahs 11-12Park Lane
252Alex KourianosMale Cheetahs 11-12Quail Hollow
254Sadie TrinityFemale Cheetahs 11-12Quail Hollow
345Brynn RustFemale Cheetahs 11-12Sunrise
377Zachary BlodgettMale Cheetahs 11-12Willow Springs
1114Suzanne QuickMale Cheetahs 11-12Oak Hollow

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