Utah Running Velocity Kids Club Fall XC Meet 2

2019-10-22 • Falcons

31 Participants • 16 Women • 15 Men

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528Ashlee HoggeFemale Falcons100:12:50.0MG
669Sienna BartonFemale Falcons200:15:42.0South Ogden
586CONNER SMEDLEYMale Falcons300:15:47.0NOA
646Kaden ChaseMale Falcons400:17:08.0Roy
587Hyrum HalesMale Falcons500:17:47.0NOA
645Walter NoordaMale Falcons600:18:02.0Roy
590Braden PollMale Falcons700:18:08.0NOA
596Lance ShelleyMale Falcons800:18:28.0NOA
703Adin RodrockMale Falcons900:18:39.0West Point
529Sienna BrownFemale Falcons1000:19:06.0MG
671Kessie FowersFemale Falcons1100:19:11.0South Ogden
593Brecklyn BugnetFemale Falcons1200:19:16.0NOA
588Daviny RasmussenFemale Falcons1300:19:34.0NOA
702Kellen CroftsMale Falcons1400:20:04.0West Point
644Ephraim ElliottMale Falcons1500:20:34.0Roy
672Maren JohnsonFemale Falcons1600:20:43.0South Ogden
648Zion MeyerFemale Falcons1700:23:38.0Roy
701Lillie DrakeFemale Falcons1800:25:53.0West Point
594Noah SmithMale Falcons1900:26:03.0NOA
668Elizabeth RichesFemale Falcons2000:26:09.0South Ogden
749Penelope MillerFemale Falcons2100:26:09.0Huntsville
503Devin StevensMale Falcons2200:27:09.0Huntsville
591Ellie PollFemale Falcons2300:28:12.0NOA
704Cullen PenmanMale Falcons2400:28:26.0West Point
647Brock HokansonMale Falcons2500:28:50.0Roy
649Lillianna MuirFemale Falcons2600:28:58.0Roy
589Samantha DeBoerFemale Falcons2700:31:52.0NOA
502Jaidan EblenFemale FalconsHuntsville
592Austin HillanMale FalconsNOA
595Allyse MawFemale FalconsNOA
670Jack ThorstedMale FalconsSouth Ogden

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Name: Utah Running Velocity Kids Club Fall XC Meet 2
Date: 2019-10-22
Location: Ogden, UT
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