Race Cats Stansbury Park Meet #2

2019-10-23 • Tigers

21 Participants • 10 Women • 11 Men

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912Mason LinanMale Tigers100:08:58.0Rose Springs
909Brynely BelnapFemale Tigers200:09:21.0Rose Springs
887Dexter HowellMale Tigers300:10:00.0Old Mill
885Liam BlackMale Tigers400:10:10.0Old Mill
911Greyson DeweyMale Tigers500:10:14.0Rose Springs
910Alden DangerfieldMale Tigers600:10:50.0Rose Springs
892Mason WhiteMale Tigers700:10:54.0Old Mill
926Hailey SharpFemale Tigers800:11:00.0Stansbury Park
890Sienna RoundyFemale Tigers900:11:02.0Old Mill
891Jessica SandbakFemale Tigers1000:11:08.0Old Mill
913Gavin RileyMale Tigers1100:11:31.0Rose Springs
923Leo CookMale Tigers1200:11:32.0Stansbury Park
925Vanessa EscalanteFemale Tigers1300:11:34.0Stansbury Park
893Claire WrightFemale Tigers1400:11:35.0Old Mill
888Dresden JohnsonFemale Tigers1500:12:09.0Old Mill
886Ryker HarperMale Tigers1600:12:41.0Old Mill
924Anabelle DonaldsonFemale Tigers1700:13:11.0Stansbury Park
889Alexandria MillerFemale Tigers1800:13:42.0Old Mill
914Connor RileyMale Tigers1900:15:16.0Rose Springs
1201Madelinn MorganFemale Tigers
1205Pehr PiketMale TigersOld Mill

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