Race Cats Stansbury Park Meet #2

2019-10-23 • Cheetahs 9-10

13 Participants • 4 Women • 9 Men

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900Westen HawsMale Cheetahs 9-10100:13:54.0Rose Springs
902Porter LinanMale Cheetahs 9-10200:14:28.0Rose Springs
880Tyler SnedakerMale Cheetahs 9-10300:15:19.0Old Mill
879Rowan JacobsonMale Cheetahs 9-10400:15:32.0Old Mill
918Audrey DonaldsonFemale Cheetahs 9-10500:17:07.0Stansbury Park
901Parker JonesMale Cheetahs 9-10600:17:40.0Rose Springs
903Derek MedinaMale Cheetahs 9-10700:17:44.0Rose Springs
904Gabe merinoMale Cheetahs 9-10800:17:54.0Rose Springs
1202Valentina GarciaFemale Cheetahs 9-10900:18:16.0Old Mill
919Elaina EscalanteFemale Cheetahs 9-101000:20:18.0Stansbury Park
899Zhane BakerMale Cheetahs 9-10Rose Springs
920Eliza HealFemale Cheetahs 9-10Stansbury Park
921Ethan MillerMale Cheetahs 9-10Stansbury Park

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