Utah Running Velocity Kids Club Fall XC Championship

2019-11-05 • Swifts

64 Participants • 28 Women • 36 Men

Average Time: 00:15:36
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619Sam RasmussenMale Swifts100:12:44.0NOA
623Duncan JudkinsMale Swifts200:12:54.0NOA
725Jacob GriffinMale Swifts300:13:09.0West Point
545Cole ReevesMale Swifts400:13:10.0MG
679Raelee RichardsonFemale Swifts500:13:18.0South Ogden
544Caleb LewisMale Swifts600:13:35.0MG
680Josh NielsonMale Swifts700:13:40.0South Ogden
512Joey KlozFemale Swifts800:13:43.0Huntsville
633Adam McbrideMale Swifts900:13:48.0Riverdale
617Sawyer DavisMale Swifts1000:14:11.0NOA
683Otto KvamMale Swifts1100:14:23.0South Ogden
724Caleb OlsenMale Swifts1200:14:28.0West Point
685Joshua LongMale Swifts1300:14:28.0South Ogden
514Landon RiggsMale Swifts1400:14:48.0Huntsville
548Addison HoggeFemale Swifts1500:14:51.0MG
549Seth HopkinMale Swifts1600:14:53.0MG
393Jacob TibboelMale Swifts1700:14:59.0
722Ellie ChambersFemale Swifts1800:15:00.0West Point
686Owen ToniolliMale Swifts1900:15:04.0South Ogden
552Allison FarnsworthFemale Swifts2000:15:06.0MG
716Tyler TaggartMale Swifts2100:15:19.0West Point
657Jeremy NguyenMale Swifts2200:15:21.0Roy
682Elanor RichesFemale Swifts2300:15:24.0South Ogden
555Beau MillerMale Swifts2400:15:35.0MG
553Lucia FurnissFemale Swifts2500:15:39.0MG
719Abigail DrakeFemale Swifts2600:15:48.0West Point
687Miles JohnsonMale Swifts2700:16:01.0South Ogden
745Alexis WardellFemale Swifts2800:16:05.0None
720Zoey DrakeFemale Swifts2900:16:05.0West Point
684Isabella BrownFemale Swifts3000:16:22.0None
658Jeremiah ElliottMale Swifts3100:16:37.0Roy
681Myles wheelwrightMale Swifts3200:16:38.0South Ogden
726Cayle SweitzerFemale Swifts3300:17:04.0West Point
515Kate ScehnetFemale Swifts3400:17:25.0Huntsville
513Brigid HealeyFemale Swifts3500:17:28.0
656Laura HoggeFemale Swifts3600:17:43.0Roy
516Eliza CardonFemale Swifts3700:17:51.0Huntsville
311Korben PugmireMale Swifts3800:17:52.0Riverdale
556Colin BerryMale Swifts3900:18:18.0MG
632Cy K ZumbrunMale Swifts4000:18:24.0Riverdale

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Name: Utah Running Velocity Kids Club Fall XC Championship
Date: 2019-11-05
Location: Ogden, UT
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