Utah Running Velocity Kids Club Fall XC Championship

2019-11-05 • Falcons

31 Participants • 16 Women • 15 Men

Average Time: 00:21:52
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586CONNER SMEDLEYMale Falcons100:15:16.0NOA
669Sienna BartonFemale Falcons200:15:59.0South Ogden
596Lance ShelleyMale Falcons300:18:19.0NOA
593Brecklyn BugnetFemale Falcons400:18:27.0NOA
590Braden PollMale Falcons500:19:07.0NOA
671Kessie FowersFemale Falcons600:19:10.0South Ogden
592Austin HillanMale Falcons700:19:18.0NOA
644Ephraim ElliottMale Falcons800:19:35.0Roy
588Daviny RasmussenFemale Falcons900:19:36.0NOA
528Ashlee HoggeFemale Falcons1000:20:00.0MG
672Maren JohnsonFemale Falcons1100:20:22.0South Ogden
702Kellen CroftsMale Falcons1200:20:32.0West Point
703Adin RodrockMale Falcons1300:21:11.0West Point
648Zion MeyerFemale Falcons1400:23:56.0Roy
594Noah SmithMale Falcons1500:24:56.0NOA
668Elizabeth RichesFemale Falcons1600:25:07.0South Ogden
649Lillianna MuirFemale Falcons1700:25:56.0Roy
502Jaidan EblenFemale Falcons1800:26:19.0Huntsville
701Lillie DrakeFemale Falcons1900:26:36.0West Point
647Brock HokansonMale Falcons2000:26:38.0Roy
704Cullen PenmanMale Falcons2100:32:43.0West Point
503Devin StevensMale FalconsHuntsville
529Sienna BrownFemale FalconsMG
587Hyrum HalesMale FalconsNOA
589Samantha DeBoerFemale FalconsNOA
591Ellie PollFemale FalconsNOA
595Allyse MawFemale FalconsNOA
645Walter NoordaMale FalconsRoy
646Kaden ChaseMale FalconsRoy
670Jack ThorstedMale FalconsSouth Ogden
749Penelope MillerFemale FalconsHuntsville

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Name: Utah Running Velocity Kids Club Fall XC Championship
Date: 2019-11-05
Location: Ogden, UT
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