Utah Running Velocity Kids Club Fall XC Championship

2019-11-05 • Eagles

66 Participants • 33 Women • 33 Men

Average Time: 00:15:59
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615Erik BryantMale Eagles100:12:19.0NOA
604Gage WardellMale Eagles200:12:37.0NOA
611Luke ShelleyMale Eagles300:13:03.0NOA
613Jonathan BrysonMale Eagles400:13:05.0NOA
612Graham JudkinsMale Eagles500:13:18.0NOA
712Malachi WilkersonMale Eagles600:13:25.0West Point
537Connelly BreinholtMale Eagles700:13:29.0MG
713Wyatt LarsenMale Eagles800:13:30.0West Point
605Andrew StakerMale Eagles900:13:31.0NOA
540Beck CampbellMale Eagles1000:13:34.0MG
597Madelyn TraherFemale Eagles1100:13:39.0NOA
678Avery BartonFemale Eagles1200:13:42.0South Ogden
609Bransen HiattMale Eagles1300:13:45.0NOA
747Berlin BeasleyFemale Eagles1400:13:47.0South Ogden
677Clara GeddesFemale Eagles1500:13:48.0South Ogden
538Aleena FurnissFemale Eagles1600:14:02.0MG
630Mac LoughtonMale Eagles1700:14:11.0Riverdale
709Zeke HoganMale Eagles1800:14:30.0West Point
744Noah McBrideMale Eagles1900:14:42.0Riverdale
654Ruby NoordaFemale Eagles2000:15:09.0Roy
652Samantha HullFemale Eagles2100:15:09.0Roy
673Henry RichesMale Eagles2200:15:14.0South Ogden
651Austin NeumarkerMale Eagles2300:15:36.0Roy
746Haylee WardellFemale Eagles2400:15:36.0None
543Lilly EvansFemale Eagles2500:15:54.0MG
715Sophie HorneFemale Eagles2600:16:02.0West Point
748Jake ScehnetMale Eagles2700:16:20.0Huntsville
676Sarah StarleyFemale Eagles2800:16:21.0South Ogden
536Abby McKayFemale Eagles2900:16:37.0MG
606Daisy HillanFemale Eagles3000:16:38.0NOA
534Ava CongerFemale Eagles3100:16:39.0MG
599Gabriel MaughanMale Eagles3200:16:54.0NOA
650Hunter KofoedMale Eagles3300:16:55.0Roy
607Ryker SaundersMale Eagles3400:16:58.0NOA
533Kaison BerryMale Eagles3500:17:17.0MG
542Austin TrippMale Eagles3600:17:18.0MG
705Hannah ChambersFemale Eagles3700:17:41.0West Point
706Alyvia RoblesFemale Eagles3800:17:42.0West Point
614Kirra BartlettFemale Eagles3900:17:49.0NOA
600Nora ButlerFemale Eagles4000:17:49.0NOA

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Name: Utah Running Velocity Kids Club Fall XC Championship
Date: 2019-11-05
Location: Ogden, UT
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