Race Cats Championship Meet

2019-11-02 • Open 3k

111 Participants • 47 Women • 64 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameGenderAgeRankFinishCategoryteamGender PlaceCat. Placelap 1
949Cole JamesonM12100:10:21.611-12 Open BoysRace Cats Elite - Draper1100:03:47
1105Van TalbottM12200:10:53.811-12 Open BoysPark City Running Club2200:04:03
1133Ryan GalbraithM12300:10:55.811-12 Open BoysRoadRunner3300:04:03
1000Kenny BriggsM10400:10:57.29-10 Open BoysRace Cats Elite - Herriman4100:04:14
1070Sam ClaytonM12500:11:11.311-12 Open BoysRoadRunner5400:04:08
454Jonas ClayM10600:11:12.99-10 Open BoysDavis Race Cats Elite6200:04:14
1063Savannah GalbraithF12700:11:15.911-12 Open GirlsRoadRunner1100:04:07
946Sharva HarnekarM12800:11:24.411-12 Open BoysRace Cats Elite - Draper7500:04:13
1072Carson GonzalezM11900:11:29.211-12 Open BoysRoadRunner8600:04:11
1071Davey BoyceM121000:11:32.711-12 Open BoysRoadRunner9700:04:26
1075Kyle  ClarkeM111100:11:41.211-12 Open BoysPark City Running Club10800:04:20
947Grant HejnyM121200:11:45.511-12 Open BoysRace Cats Elite - Draper11900:04:30
453Benjamin brimhallM121300:11:46.111-12 Open BoysDavis Race Cats Elite121000:04:21
1082Brennan FlachM121400:11:47.011-12 Open BoysPark City Running Club131100:04:29
1100Patrick SenkierM111500:11:47.511-12 Open BoysPark City Running Club141200:04:26
996Elias WardleM111600:11:47.911-12 Open BoysRace Cats Elite - Herriman151300:04:21
1107Henley WismerF101700:11:50.09-10 Open GirlsPark City Running Club2100:04:31
1086Matthew HladonM121800:11:57.211-12 Open BoysPark City Running Club161400:04:30
1081Hadley FlachF101900:11:59.49-10 Open GirlsPark City Running Club3200:04:31
1106Paige WagnerF112000:12:02.211-12 Open GirlsPark City Running Club4200:04:31
941Jacob ConnollyM122100:12:05.211-12 Open BoysRace Cats Elite - Draper171500:04:36
992Breelyssa LeeperF112200:12:06.311-12 Open GirlsRace Cats Elite - Herriman5300:04:36
1077Sierra DarlingF112300:12:15.311-12 Open GirlsPark City Running Club6400:04:32
1134Peter HedengrenM112400:12:18.211-12 Open BoysRoadRunner181600:04:46
13979Zac DavisM112500:12:23.711-12 Open Boys191700:04:31
632Liam PotterM92600:12:24.19-10 Open BoysMidway/Heber Elite Team20300:04:49
629Jacob MillerM112700:12:24.811-12 Open BoysMidway/Heber Elite Team211800:04:49
993Brooklyn TarrF112800:12:25.311-12 Open GirlsRace Cats Elite - Herriman7500:04:38
1182McKenna FullerF122900:12:25.611-12 Open GirlsRace Cats Elite - Herriman8600:04:41
965Teagan HarrisF93000:12:29.79-10 Open GirlsRace Cats Elite - Draper9300:04:48
1003Brookston HeylandM93100:12:33.29-10 Open Boys22400:04:48
13975Logan HiltonM123200:12:33.911-12 Open Boys231900:04:39
13969Henri McnallyM113300:12:34.111-12 Open BoysRace cats242000:04:40
13978Thomas LeemanM123400:12:36.011-12 Open Boys252100:04:32
955Sean SeelyM123500:12:36.311-12 Open BoysRace Cats Elite - Draper262200:04:38
1069James KulbethM123600:12:40.711-12 Open BoysRoadRunner272300:04:45
1083Sam  Gould M113700:12:42.511-12 Open BoysPark City Running Club282400:04:47
13970Cooper MooreM123800:12:43.311-12 Open BoysRace Cats Elite - Draper292500:04:43
943Anna DornyF103900:12:43.811-12 Open GirlsRace Cats Elite - Draper10700:04:40
995Adam WardleM114000:12:44.911-12 Open BoysRace Cats Elite - Herriman302600:04:52

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