Alley Loop Nordic Marathon

2020-02-01 • 3K Kids Race

61 Participants • 26 Women • 35 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
895Diego LeonardMale 8-1111100:05:28.3
914Colby WestMale 8-1122200:06:29.2
894Ben LarsonMale 8-1133300:06:39.0
940Tazlina PoznerFemale 8-1141100:07:00.1
901Harper ReidFemale 8-1152200:07:09.2
938slade ehlersMale 8-1164400:07:17.1
883Trevan BakerMale 8-1175500:07:54.2
881SAMANTHA BAILYFemale 8-1183300:07:55.1
939Ellie WoodwardFemale 8-1194400:08:11.2
888Alaska FarleyFemale 8-11105500:08:15.6
899Kob PlattMale No Awards116100:08:27.7
900Margaret PlattFemale No Awards126100:08:28.8
926Adis BockMale 8-11137600:10:54.8
898Josie PassantFemale 8-11147600:11:19.2
885Ajla BockFemale 8-11158700:11:20.6
907Madeline TilleFemale 12-14169100:13:17.2
882Caden BakerMale 1-7178100:13:34.5
935Kelsey RippleMale No Awards189200:13:37.4
934Graham HubnerMale No Awards1910300:13:39.8
929Derek FaulknerMale No Awards2011400:13:42.2
905Josephine TilleFemale 8-112110800:13:47.3
904Daniel TilleMale No Awards2212500:13:49.4
930Drew HarwellMale No Awards2313600:14:03.4
932Brian HarwellMale No Awards2414700:14:03.5
931Derek HarwellMale No Awards2515800:14:04.0
906Kate TilleFemale No Awards2611200:14:10.1
891Chris KramerMale No Awards2716900:14:14.0
892Liz KramerFemale No Awards2812300:14:15.4
925Tim HallMale No Awards29171000:15:41.0
910Hattie WalkerFemale 1-73013100:15:47.3
887Darby DownsFemale 1-73114200:15:57.3
937Nash MasonMale 1-73218200:17:04.4
936Lori MasonFemale No Awards3315400:17:04.9
928Matthew CoenMale No Awards34191100:17:39.2
941John MortellMale No Awards35201200:18:12.3
942Jessica WellbornMale No Awards36211300:18:16.0
933Chad ArnoldMale No Awards37221400:20:26.8
902Mia RossiFemale 8-113816900:21:10.6
921Micahel GreeneyMale No Awards39231500:25:09.2
920Maddie BlackFemale 8-1140171000:25:09.3

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