2020-09-12 • KOM-QOM

698 Participants • 65 Women • 633 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
615D. JUSTIN DANIELS6 M 35+ B 311100:13:32.3
1612Team CUTTERS RELAY 2 2 RELAY 3-522100:14:04.7
253TYLER KIRK2 M 45+ A33100:14:28.9
206TAYLOR CANNON2 M 35+ A44100:14:41.1
304BRET CAMPBELL3 M CAT 3/455100:14:43.3
212ANDREW MOSS2 M 35+ A66200:14:43.7
259MARK OTTERSON2 M 45+ A77200:14:44.5
221TREVOR WEED2 M 35+ A88300:14:46.7
368AIDEN WORTH3 M CAT 499100:14:47.8
111SPENCER JOHNSON1 M PRO CAT 1231010100:14:50.0
201STUART ANDERSON2 M 35+ A1111400:14:50.2
205DOUGLAS BROWER2 M 35+ A1212500:14:50.5
216BILLY RAPPLEYE2 M 35+ A1313600:14:50.8
731KYLE NELSON7 M 35+ B 41414100:14:50.8
303MIKE BRODERICK3 M CAT 3/41515200:14:51.3
220MICHAEL TWOHIG2 M 35+ A1616700:14:51.4
245JOSEPH CAMIRE2 M 45+ A1717300:14:51.7
311KEVIN FULLER3 M CAT 3/41818300:14:52.4
346BRIGHAM DALEBOUT3 M CAT 41919200:14:52.7
316TYLER METTEN3 M CAT 3/42020400:14:52.9
305KOLBY CARPENTER3 M CAT 3/42121500:14:53.0
308RYAN CRAIG3 M CAT 3/42222600:14:53.8
362CHARLES SMART3 M CAT 42323300:14:54.4
325RYAN SMITH3 M CAT 3/42424700:14:54.6
326WILLIAM STINGER3 M CAT 3/42525800:14:54.6
301MATTHEW BAILEY3 M CAT 3/42626900:14:55.0
370SPENCER LAW3 M CAT 42727400:14:55.3
318MORTEN PEDERSEN3 M CAT 3/428281000:14:55.7
102ROGER ARNELL1 M PRO CAT 1232929200:14:57.2
110CAMERON HOFFMAN1 M PRO CAT 1233030300:14:58.7
353BRENDON HAYWOOD3 M CAT 43131500:15:08.1
263GREGORY SHERRICK2 M 45+ A3232400:15:09.9
125MARC SPRATT1 M PRO CAT 1233333400:15:09.9
211JASON LANG2 M 35+ A3434800:15:11.9
607BENJAMIN BROOKS6 M 35+ B 33636200:15:14.3
132JUSTIN WAGNER1 M PRO CAT 1233737600:15:17.7
126NATHAN SPRATT1 M PRO CAT 1233838700:15:18.0
310TIM FROST3 M CAT 3/439391100:15:18.2
223ZAC WEST2 M 35+ A4040900:15:21.8
218RYAN STANLEY2 M 35+ A41411000:15:22.0

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Date: 2020-09-12
Location: Jackson, WY
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