2020-09-12 • Ride

449 Participants • 60 Women • 388 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinishpenaltystatus
4463Team ROLLINS RANCH16 M RELAY 3-511109:39:27.40:00
4451Team C P 516 M RELAY 3-522209:53:15.20:00
2639TRAVIS SCHINDLER10 M 45+33109:53:25.30:00
3047JOSHUA MITCHELL14 M 25+33110:04:56.80:00
2219MICHAEL ELLSWORTH5 M 35+ Ride 344110:07:33.20:00
4123Team VCBO CORD CUTTERS8 M RIDE R-255110:15:10.40:00
2441ILYA ROSIKHIN7 M 35+ Ride 566110:15:39.20:00
4467Team LIFETIME RELAY 116 M RELAY 3-577310:17:24.50:00
3007CASEY GEDDES14 M 15+88110:17:51.90:00
4114Team UTAH EYE CENTERS 28 M RIDE R-299210:20:56.50:00
2337JOEL PETERSON6 M 35+ Ride 41010110:24:42.10:00
4137Team BEAR LAKE MONSTERS8 M RIDE R-21111310:25:40.20:00
4104Team BLAMAGAM TOUR8 M RIDE R-21212410:28:05.80:00
4444Team LHM CYCLING16 M RELAY 3-51313410:28:15.50:00
2421STEVEN HATCH7 M 35+ Ride 51414210:30:55.60:00
2621SEAN BURROWS10 M 45+1515110:31:17.80:00
2910KENT GUNNELL13 M 55+1616110:31:27.30:00
4103Team UTAH EYE CENTERS8 M RIDE R-21717510:33:08.80:00
3052AUSTIN PERDUE14 M 25+1818210:33:43.40:00
2403CHRIS BARENTSEN7 M 35+ Ride 51919310:35:28.00:00
2134THOMAS NELSON4 M 35+ Ride 22020110:46:17.80:00
4466Team MVV GERIATRICS16 M RELAY 3-52121510:48:30.70:00
4457Team BIG TIME DREAMERS16 M RELAY 3-52222610:50:30.20:00
4420Team CAMPBELL CLAN CYCLING15 MIX R 3-52323110:50:52.40:00
4210Team THE KROMMIES9 MIX RIDE R-22424110:51:50.20:00
4424Team ANTLERDOC15 MIX R 3-5251110:52:47.60:00
2320JOSEPH HARMON6 M 35+ Ride 42625210:53:36.30:00
2014TROY FINLAYSON3 M 35+ Ride 12726110:54:40.90:00
4465Team LOTOJA7016 M RELAY 3-52827710:55:21.50:00
2139JOE PORTER4 M 35+ Ride 22928210:56:12.00:00
2151CAMERON WINN4 M 35+ Ride 23029310:56:12.20:00
2237DAVID MICKELSON5 M 35+ Ride 33130210:58:38.50:00
2729ERIK HUSO11 M 45+3231110:59:06.30:00
4119Team DIRTY LLAMAS B8 M RIDE R-23332610:59:07.10:00
4459Team RINCONQUISTADORES16 M RELAY 3-53433811:00:11.00:00
4125Team THRYVONDTA18 M RIDE R-23534711:00:29.60:00
4127Team SKYLANDERS8 M RIDE R-23635811:00:37.70:00
3026NOAH CARSON14 M 25+3736311:00:56.00:00
4407Team STRAIGHT OUTTA CHEMO15 MIX R 3-5382211:06:47.80:00
4226Team VICTORIOUS SECRET9 MIX RIDE R-23937211:07:14.50:00

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Date: 2020-09-12
Location: Jackson, WY
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