I-Cup Red Rock Rampage

2020-11-07 • Shredder Boys [10-12]

28 Participants • 0 Women • 28 Men

Due to the COVID19 this event has been Postponed to November 7, 2020
Contact organizers for more information
Check out vr.sportstats.one to see if the event will offer a virtual option
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3171Chase WillitsShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:18:13.71
4020Treyson BrownShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:18:23.42Other
3613Daniel FluckigerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:19:01.03Roost Racing
3166Nicholas NaseathShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:19:30.74VeloLove
3387Rockwell AlexanderShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:19:40.95
3164Austin MinerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:20:01.16
3450Isaac SumnerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:20:55.07
3325Zane HeatonShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:21:20.68
3679Bryce CardShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:22:17.59
4018Devan SilvaShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:22:32.810
4057Chase ElmerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:22:33.711
3165Truman MinerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:22:41.512
4039Austin DutsonShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:22:59.513
3966Roan JacksonShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:23:10.514
3560Owen DraperShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:23:22.315
4019Alec SilvaShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:23:27.316
3581Ryland LuedersShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:24:09.917
3989Kaleb NielsonShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:28:30.018
3935Luke HillikerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:28:42.519Team Red Rock
4070Jackson HoopesShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:29:13.320Team Red Rock
3859Nash OgdenShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:32:30.121
4078Carter HardyShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:32:51.822Team Red Rock
3064Tyson PetersonShredder Boys [Up to 12]
3280Graham BateShredder Boys [Up to 12]Team Portal
3910Easton DavisShredder Boys [Up to 12]Team Portal
3922Landon BradshawShredder Boys [Up to 12]Team Portal
3936Harrison GarnerShredder Boys [Up to 12]
4121Jacob QuebodeauxShredder Boys [Up to 12]
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