I-Cup Red Rock Rampage

2020-11-07 • Shredder Girls[10-12]

20 Participants • 20 Women • 0 Men

Due to the COVID19 this event has been Postponed to November 7, 2020
Contact organizers for more information
Check out vr.sportstats.one to see if the event will offer a virtual option
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4048Eva MinottoShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:19:55.31
3680Leah CardShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:19:56.02
3726Taylor AllenShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:23:38.33
3176Hannah LaMayShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:23:55.54Bingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners
4061Hayden BrownShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:24:02.35
3614Evelyn FluckigerShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:24:48.86Roost Racing
3993Juliana TiltonShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:25:46.97
4082Lila JonasShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:25:48.78
4044Callie LipsonShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:26:12.69
3175Alexis LaMayShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:26:32.410Bingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners
3978Carly HowellShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:28:26.011
3950Maci ChristensenShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:30:11.912
4063Blythe LucasShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:30:25.413
4094Maylee BrownShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:30:28.914
3180Kira NaseathShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:32:06.115VeloLove
4101Madeline AirmetShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:33:42.616
4064Paige LucasShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:38:32.117
4087millee LeishmanShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:38:40.518
4017Oaklee CampeauShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:39:02.319
3916Leila CallahanShredder Girls [Up to 12]
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