I-Cup Cactus Hugger

2020-05-16 • Shredder Boys [10-12]

19 Participants • 0 Women • 19 Men

Average Time: 00:32:18
Due to the COVID19 this event has been Postponed or Cancelled
Contact organizers for more information
Check out vr.sportstats.one to see if the event will offer a virtual option
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3167Griffin PeadShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:23:29.21Heat 17:15 AM50
3163JOSH MENLOVEShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:25:27.32CCHS MTBHeat 17:15 AM45
3161Spencer GardnerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:25:30.03Heat 17:15 AM40
3168Nolan PeadShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:25:34.14Heat 17:15 AM35
3171Chase WillitsShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:26:19.25Heat 17:15 AM30
3156Garrett CrosbyShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:26:59.86Heat 17:15 AM27
3157Cache DowdleShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:27:02.97Heat 17:15 AM24
3166Nicholas NaseathShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:27:22.68VeloLoveHeat 17:15 AM21
3162Caleb HoopesShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:28:26.29Bucked Up RacingHeat 17:15 AM18
3164Austin MinerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:29:47.210Heat 17:15 AM15
3170William VanceShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:31:11.211Heat 17:15 AM13
3159Ryan EgleyShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:33:22.712Rouleur Devo p/b DNAHeat 17:15 AM11
3158Mitt DowdleShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:36:08.813Heat 17:15 AM9
3169Tyler ShieldsShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:37:36.114Heat 17:15 AM7
3165Truman MinerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:37:36.815Heat 17:15 AM5
3155Marshall CallahanShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:37:48.216Heat 17:15 AM4
3160Noah GardnerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:41:28.717Heat 17:15 AM3
3267Nicholas ShieldsShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:42:43.118Heat 17:15 AM2
3060Jantzen RackhamShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:49:32.419ImpactDevo p/b Bountiful BicycleHeat 17:15 AM1
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