I-Cup Cactus Hugger

2020-05-16 • Shredder Girls[10-12]

10 Participants • 10 Women • 0 Men

Average Time: 00:35:34
Due to the COVID19 this event has been Postponed or Cancelled
Contact organizers for more information
Check out vr.sportstats.one to see if the event will offer a virtual option
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3179Lauren MontagueShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:27:28.61Fezzari Factory RacingHeat 17:18 AM50
3178Tessa MathesonShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:31:44.42Heat 17:18 AM45
3176Hannah LaMayShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:31:47.53Heat 17:18 AM40
3174Codi HoopesShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:33:20.84Bucked Up RacingHeat 17:18 AM35
3172Tatum DowdleShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:35:46.75Heat 17:18 AM30
3270Melissa WattsShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:35:49.56VeleoHeat 17:18 AM27
3175Alexis LaMayShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:35:50.77Heat 17:18 AM24
3180Kira NaseathShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:37:10.78VeloLoveHeat 17:18 AM21
3177Jaide LawrenceShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:39:41.79Heat 17:18 AM18
3173Maya HolleyShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:46:55.510Kuhl CyclingHeat 17:18 AM15
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