I-Cup Cactus Hugger

2020-05-16 • JH Boys

21 Participants • 0 Women • 21 Men

Average Time: 00:45:14
Due to the COVID19 this event has been Postponed or Cancelled
Contact organizers for more information
Check out vr.sportstats.one to see if the event will offer a virtual option
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3090Houston LindleyJH Boys00:40:13.61Heat 27:57 AM50
3083Cooper CallahanJH Boys00:40:29.32Heat 17:54 AM45
3081Mason BrownJH Boys00:40:36.13SpryHeat 17:54 AM40
3099Wesley VanceJH Boys00:40:37.74Heat 27:57 AM35
3096Luke SkousenJH Boys00:40:55.85Fezzari Factory RacingHeat 27:57 AM30
3089Kade JohnsonJH Boys00:41:02.56Fezzari Factory RacingHeat 17:54 AM27
3084Eddie ColemanJH Boys00:42:28.27SLC CompositeHeat 17:54 AM24
3097Jack StevensonJH Boys00:42:45.28Spry CyclesHeat 27:57 AM21
3260Ryder GoffJH Boys00:46:27.79Heat 27:57 AM18
3098Adam SybrowskyJH Boys00:46:30.510Rouleur Devo p/b DNAHeat 27:57 AM15
3065Collin PhippsJH Boys00:46:33.111Heat 27:57 AM13
3080Chase BaconJH Boys00:46:43.812VeloLoveEliteHeat 17:54 AM11
3082Carter BuckJH Boys00:47:37.613Rouleur Devo p/b DNAHeat 17:54 AM9
3092Keegan McCuneJH Boys00:47:48.814Heat 27:57 AM7
3086Austin CrosbyJH Boys00:48:16.115Snow Canyon HSHeat 17:54 AM5
3095Ian SilvaJH Boys00:48:38.516Heat 27:57 AM4
3093Jack PapaJH Boys00:49:03.617Heat 27:57 AM3
3094Gavin RandallJH Boys00:49:28.218Maybird Reyes-PsychHeat 27:57 AM2
3088jacob HamblinJH Boys00:52:54.719Heat 17:54 AM1
3085Jurgen CoxJH BoysHeat 17:54 AM
3087Coben GriffithJH BoysHeat 17:54 AM
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