I-Cup Cactus Hugger

2020-05-16 • Novice Men

13 Participants • 0 Women • 13 Men

Average Time: 00:46:08
Due to the COVID19 this event has been Postponed or Cancelled
Contact organizers for more information
Check out vr.sportstats.one to see if the event will offer a virtual option
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3147Colton ReadingNovice Men100:41:10.4Heat 17:48 AM50
3140David LisonbeeNovice Men200:41:57.4Heat 17:48 AM45
3144Ken MontagueNovice Men300:43:41.7Fezzari Factory RacingHeat 17:48 AM40
3138Steve BeardshallNovice Men400:44:57.4Heat 17:48 AM35
3263Mike BallardNovice Men500:45:12.1Heat 17:48 AM30
3149Jacob VandeBrakeNovice Men600:45:46.7SMCC MTBHeat 17:48 AM27
3146Arturo PratNovice Men700:45:47.1Heat 17:48 AM24
3143Blake MitchellNovice Men800:47:30.4SMCCHeat 17:48 AM21
3141Donovan MarshallNovice Men900:47:31.0Heat 17:48 AM18
3139AJ FergusonNovice Men1000:50:56.3Heat 17:48 AM15
3148John SegattiNovice Men1100:52:52.7Heat 17:48 AM13
3142Dave McNameeNovice MenHeat 17:48 AM
3145Christopher ONeillNovice MenHeat 17:48 AM
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