I-Cup Cactus Hugger

2020-05-16 • Elite Men

10 Participants • 0 Women • 10 Men

Average Time: 02:29:46
Due to the COVID19 this event has been Postponed or Cancelled
Contact organizers for more information
Check out vr.sportstats.one to see if the event will offer a virtual option
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Comp.ViewBIBNameRanklap 1lap 2lap 3Finishteamheatstarttimepoints
3004Chris Holley100:34:0901:08:0601:43:1502:17:49.4Kuhl CyclingHeat 19:15 AM50
3000Carter Anderson200:34:1001:08:0901:43:1602:18:30.8Spry CyclingHeat 19:15 AM45
3007Porter Mitchell300:34:0901:08:0801:43:1602:21:59.7Team SpryHeat 19:15 AM40
3008Spencer Stevenson400:34:1301:10:3801:48:4102:27:51.4Spry CyclesHeat 19:15 AM35
3002A.J. Conover500:34:1001:12:4601:50:2302:29:20.8Spry/ Plan 7Heat 19:15 AM30
3003Kyler Gibb600:34:1001:09:1901:48:3902:30:20.8Rapid CyclingHeat 19:15 AM27
3001Parker Christensen700:34:3901:11:3001:50:3502:33:44.5Team Red RockHeat 19:15 AM24
3005Noah Hunt800:35:1501:12:2001:53:4902:39:46.3Heat 19:15 AM21
3006McKade Jaussi900:34:1001:08:5301:48:1302:48:22.7Bike hardcore/white pineHeat 19:15 AM18
3259Darren Goff00:34:08Heat 19:15 AM
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