USSA Cross Country State Championships

2020-10-17 • Girls Varsity

16 Participants • 16 Women • 0 Men

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432Zefra MacleanGirls Varsity100:24:26.2Liahona
497Cindy ColemanGirls Varsity200:24:28.5Vanguard
217Elisabeth GoggiGirls Varsity300:25:06.7Davinci
428Zoe BazinetGirls Varsity400:25:37.7Liahona
430Isabella FordGirls Varsity500:27:31.9Liahona
431Jenessa IhrigGirls Varsity600:27:40.2Liahona
218Jourdan CryderGirls Varsity700:30:04.5Davinci
429Sariah CisnerosGirls Varsity800:30:54.5Liahona
500Heidi YoungGirls Varsity900:33:05.4Vanguard
446Kirra MeyerGirls Varsity1000:35:24.1Spectrum Academy
499Akaylia O'brienGirls Varsity1100:38:22.3Vanguard
447Emma walkerGirls Varsity1200:39:03.3Spectrum Academy
289Grace CleggGirls VarsityAmerican Academy of Innovation
290Macy FisherGirls VarsityAmerican Academy of Innovation
291Leyla WilsonGirls VarsityAmerican Academy of Innovation
498Adrianna GustafsonGirls VarsityVanguard

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Name: USSA Cross Country State Championships
Date: 2020-10-17
Location: Woods Cross, UT
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