I-Cup Rage at Snowbird

2020-07-18 • Shredder Boys [10-12]

25 Participants • 0 Women • 25 Men

Average Time: 00:29:22
Due to the COVID19 this event has been Postponed or Cancelled
Contact organizers for more information
Check out vr.sportstats.one to see if the event will offer a virtual option
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategorylap 1FinishRankteampoints
3583Tre LundbergShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:08:4300:18:13.41Lunkheads50
3613Daniel FluckigerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:08:4100:18:45.9245
3387Rockwell AlexanderShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:10:1600:20:57.23Pie Grande40
3161Spencer GardnerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:10:1900:21:00.54Gardner Therapy35
3450Isaac SumnerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:10:3300:22:15.1530
3519Sam RichardsShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:11:3900:23:25.4627
3581Ryland LuedersShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:12:0600:23:30.1724
3696Michael PattonShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:11:5500:23:56.1821
3679Bryce CardShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:12:0600:24:54.4918
3164Austin MinerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:12:0700:24:54.81015
3386Neil AlexanderShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:12:2800:25:28.311Pie Grande13
3570Hudson GilbertShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:14:4100:28:07.91211
3541Jarrod AndersonShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:14:2600:28:26.5139
3165Truman MinerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:15:1300:31:19.9147
3170William VanceShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:15:4900:31:37.6155
3621Camden MillettShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:17:1400:32:32.1164
3684Trulan PeckShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:18:2700:36:56.1173
3160Noah GardnerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:18:5200:37:22.118Gardner Therapy2
3159Ryan EgleyShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:18:5300:37:22.619Rouleur Devo p/b DNA1
3576Porter HuntShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:18:4200:39:10.420
3346Ethan MinerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:18:5800:41:32.821
3542Jayden AndersonShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:19:0900:41:37.822
3647Liam ClinesShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:18:5300:41:58.523
3280Graham BateShredder Boys [Up to 12]Team Portal
3685Tristan PeckShredder Boys [Up to 12]
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