Avocado Day 5K

2020-07-31 • Virtual 5km

62 Participants • 49 Women • 13 Men

Average Time: 01:31:33
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WatchViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
2Gillian BedrosianF30-39
4Andre YelleM30-3401:07:39.0
5Maggie CurtisF45-49
6Kim MacLeodF40-44
7Kelly MurphyF40-44
8David AdairM55-5900:44:15.0
9Bibi HaniffF30-3401:04:53.0
10Shannon MannF45-49
11Maiah BalzerF19-
12Angie VilleneuveF45-4900:44:00.0
13Donna ChanF55-59
14Rosanna JacksonF25-2900:31:56.0
15Sterenn CouleonF25-29
16Paul KellyM35-3900:39:57.0
17Lydia RatychF25-2900:35:12.0
18Dennis DurkeeM50-5400:36:32.0
19Maria MedinaF40-44
20Tracy KorogiannosF40-44
21Angel CastanedaM30-3400:38:17.0
22Lois BurgF60-64
23Adrienne LittleF35-39
24Kara AitkinF40-4400:35:12.0
25Susie TuckerF45-49
26Susan DuffyF60-6400:56:59.0
27Tenille FlickF30-3400:31:31.0
28Sylvie WinneyF20-2400:45:12.0
29Helen BalzerF45-49
30Kara KootstraF19-
31Lynita LudwigF40-4400:31:37.0
32Claudine SavageF45-49
33James SkatesM35-3900:44:26.0
34Derek LevesqueM45-4900:31:14.0
35Christin MillerF35-3900:37:45.0
36Andrea RualesF30-3400:53:34.0
37Samantha ParkerF45-49
38Dawn NelsonF45-4900:52:10.0
39Susan BuhlerF50-54
40Veronica LevesqueF50-5401:07:17.0
41Candice KoreckiF25-29
43Amy HarnackF40-44

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Name: Avocado Day 5K
Start Date: 2020-07-31
End Date: 2020-08-16
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
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