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2020-09-04 • Virtual- 5km

207 Participants • 188 Women • 18 Men

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WatchViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
2Theresa RuttleF55-5900:44:23.0
3Andrea CruiseF50-54
6Erin MaciasF45-49
10Jenn SukhaseumF35-3900:24:52.0
11Lynn AllenF60-6400:28:49.0
15LUCY KIMF35-3900:32:07.0
16Karin JohnstonF50-5400:28:34.0
17Tom RichardsM35-3900:40:07.0
19Tina SwantonF35-39
22Catharine WingF45-49
23Jami DellaVedovaF25-29
25Sarah BeerF30-34
26Caitlin ClarkF25-29
27Mitzi NewmanF55-5901:00:40.0
28Sally GoldingF60-6400:46:27.0
29Carole MuirF45-49
32Lydia RatychF25-2900:33:16.0
34Kelsee LuttgensF30-34
37Marie-Eve LessardF35-3900:30:34.0
38Danielle TrudelF50-54
39Danielle DuclosF45-4900:35:20.0
40Aneka WilliamsF45-49
41Amanda LiedtkeF35-39
43Rachel MennellF45-4900:36:04.0
44Carole MoiseF55-5900:40:00.0
47Cindy SchrinerF60-6401:05:21.0
49Maiah BalzerF19-00:29:52.0
50Sara-Lynne LeaskF45-4900:40:40.0
53Ebony BottleF35-39
56Helen GermanF50-54
59Tracey VatcherF45-4900:13:40.0
62Shelly LeBlancF50-5400:35:05.0
64Jenn ClevelandF50-54
65Colleen ClareF50-54
66Jessica CookF30-3400:35:00.0
68Helen BalzerF45-4900:36:40.0
70Lindsay MoraesF35-39
74Nickie WithamF45-49
75Jessica DavidF35-39
77Rita FindlayF40-4400:38:18.0

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