Park City Point 2 Point - 2017

2017-09-02 • Enduro

406 Participants • 42 Women • 342 Men

Average Time: 00:17:12
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
1Keegan SWENSONOpen Male1100:11:23.4
2Matt BEHRENSOpen Male222100:13:36.4
3Tony BUONCRISTIANIOpen Male1773700:17:32.4
4Zach CALTONOpen Male101000:12:10.0
5Aaron CAMPBELLOpen Male563000:14:49.5
6Andrew DABELLOpen Male1263400:16:09.2
7Justin DESILETSOpen Male342500:14:07.2
8Zachary DOLZANIOpen Male1283500:16:13.6
9Kaysee ARMSTRONGOpen Female101000:15:57.9
10Lynn WARE PEEK40+ Female20200:18:25.4
11Eric PORTEROpen Male593100:14:54.8
12Andrew FREEOpen Male121200:12:28.3
13Luke GANGI-WELLMANOpen Male1323600:16:15.5
14Sean HATTENOpen Male
15Brandon CROSSOpen Male212000:13:36.4
16Chris HOLLEYOpen Male171700:13:26.2
17Spencer JOHNSONOpen Male322400:14:00.2
18Geoff KABUSHOpen Male6600:11:39.2
19Benjamin SONNTAGOpen Male5500:11:39.0
20David KRIMSTOCKOpen Male201900:13:33.5
21Mason LAWOpen Male2103900:18:36.4
22Justin LINDINEOpen Male8800:11:44.3
23Jeff MACHAKOSOpen Male1783800:17:36.6
24Davey MITCHELLOpen Male161600:13:24.2
25Darick NACEOpen Male2694100:25:44.8
26John OSGUTHORPEOpen Male131300:12:54.1
27Clayton OTTOOpen Male9900:11:51.5
28Marc PEARSONOpen Male442700:14:28.9
29Ryan PETRYOpen Male502900:14:40.1
30Miles PITCHEROpen Male
31Weston RASMUSSENOpen Male151500:13:21.7
32Jared RIOSOpen Male1153300:16:00.6
33Fernando RIVEROSOpen Male3300:11:36.5
34Robert SQUIREOpen Male2200:11:35.1
35Robbie STOUTOpen Male232200:13:37.6
36Sam SWEETSEROpen Male111100:12:20.6
37Christopher THRESHEROpen Male
38Josh TOSTADOOpen Male
39Kyle TRUDEAUOpen Male7700:11:43.9
40Darrin TUCKETTOpen Male402600:14:20.6

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Name: Park City Point 2 Point - 2017
Date: 2017-09-02
Location: Park City, UT
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