Altra Top of Utah Marathon

2017-09-16 • Marathon Relay

32 Participants • 6 Women • 3 Men

Average Time: 04:01:22
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. Place14 milesFinish
1490 RIDGELINEYouth Relay11101:33:5702:44:28.6
1468 HUNGRY HUNGRY LOBSTERSYouth Relay22201:42:1303:09:02.3
1482 MONTEYS BAESF Relay31101:46:3503:15:41.8
1543 WHEELERMixed Relay43101:52:4603:20:24.0
1478 MASTERMINDSYouth Relay54301:48:1403:23:28.3
1558 VELLINGA STINGASM Relay61101:57:2503:25:13.4
1494 RIOT- RUNNING IS OUR THERAPYF Relay72201:48:2903:27:21.4
1535 TTM-FORCED OFFICE BONDING EXERCISEM Relay82201:54:4903:29:16.9
1554 SMOKE BREAKMixed Relay95202:06:3103:32:25.2
1523 THATCHER AND HOWELLS RUN FOR TRUTH!Mixed Relay106302:02:2103:36:28.0
1456 BEAUTY AND THE BEASTSMixed Relay117402:04:0403:37:28.7
1560 BRISKI AND THE TWINSMixed Relay128502:39:5603:41:14.3
1511 TAYLERS BIRTHDAY CREWF Relay133302:02:0503:48:23.6
1462 FIRE UNICORNSMixed Relay149602:06:4203:51:42.5
1498 RUNUACF Relay154401:15:1203:57:17.5
1464 FRUITLAND ACRES PACE MAKERSM Relay163302:15:2804:01:26.7
1531 TTM TECHNOLOGY - AJEKSMixed Relay1710702:07:3904:10:37.0
1502 SACA SANGREMixed Relay1811802:22:1504:12:49.9
1472 I-B-PRO-FUNMixed Relay1912902:37:5504:21:57.9
1527 TTM - CIRCUIT BREAKERSMixed Relay20131002:05:2904:23:39.0
1454 ASHKAMMixed Relay21141102:30:0804:27:23.9
1476 JIGAWATTSMixed Relay22151202:22:4404:27:34.1
1546 WTFMixed Relay23161302:15:2104:30:41.9
1460 CHOCOLATE CAKEMixed Relay24171402:26:2704:34:44.0
1509 SUNRISE GANGF Relay255502:18:2304:35:08.2
1450 ANGIE ROX ISELA AND BIANCAF Relay266602:23:2004:43:11.6
1506 SHOW ME THE MEDALMixed Relay27181502:39:0604:43:57.3
1519 TEAM TESLAMixed Relay28191602:11:2104:44:30.3
1486 OLSOXSMixed Relay29201702:17:4704:55:58.9
1515 TEAM SOSOMixed Relay30211802:35:5505:01:54.7
1539 TTM-SQUIRRELSMixed Relay31221902:51:2405:35:33.6
1550 YES WE ARE INSPIRINGMixed RelayDQ2102:19:2602:52:08.0

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